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St. Mary Star of the Sea School - Principals Newsletter

January 20, 2022


Dear Families


Mask Reminder

Please remember the students are to wear either the 3-ply medical mask or a KN95/N95 style. Scientific research has revealed these two styles provided the most protection against the omicron virus. Masks were purchased in 2 sizes – adults and small children (ages 3-6). The mask should fit securely over the mouth and nose. If not, please let me know. We will either give you a 3ply or KN95 depending on availability. One mask per child was ordered.


Ms. Delasso

Regrettably, I must inform you that Ms. Delasso will be on medical leave for a few weeks. She fell and broke her wrist, requiring surgery. I know she misses the children and would love cards from our families. We will try to have the same substitute staff in the room to implement the lessons created by Ms. Delasso from her home.


WGN Friday Forecaster

Tomorrow, Evan Martinez, grade 4 will be the Friday Weather Bug Forecaster on WGN television. The WGN meteorologist Paul Konrad will interview Evan prior to his relaying the forecast for the day. Please tune in at 6:30 AM (Local channel 9) and feel the pride we share for Evan. This opportunity is made possible annually to a St. Marys’ 4th grader due to our hosting a Weather Bug station on the roof of the Duggan Building. This installation was made possible by Mrs. Evans, science teacher, grade 8.


Open House, Sunday January 30th

The school will be hosting an open house on Sunday, January 30th. Due to the pandemic, we have necessitated in scaling it down. Only new families are welcome to tour and meet the staff. If you know a family interested in attending our school, please bring them or invite them to tour on this day. Most teachers will be in their classrooms ready to welcome all visitors! The open house runs from 12 – 2 PM.




Mrs. Usauskas

January 13, 2022


Dear Families


Casino Night Postponed

Due to the protocol needing to be enforced from COVID and some still to be clarified mitigations, we find it beneficial to postpone our Casino Nights. We are working with the equipment vendor to secure a late spring date. We will advise you as soon as we have more information. Enjoy your free weekend of the 25/26th of February.



I am waiting to learn of the updated guidance from the CDC and masks. Early data indicates the cloth masks are the least effective means of protection. Please plan on the students not being allowed to wear the cloth version beginning next week Surgical masks provide a longer period of safety. The best mask suggested is the KN95 or N95. I will be providing the children and staff with a KN95 mask tomorrow. Replacement masks will be the family’s responsibility whether it be surgical or KN95/N95.


Weather Apparel

Parents – please double check what your child is wearing before they leave the house. We are seeing many of them come with only a hoodie or fleece. I cannot emphasize the importance of being dressed for an unforeseen emergency. Students evacuating the building will be forced to stand in the outdoors for a prolonged period. Are they dressed ready to withstand the weather?


Catholic Schools’ Week

On Sunday January 30th, our school will be hosting an open house for new or potential families. Due to the pandemic, we will not be having an academic fair. I would like to remind you of the $500 tuition credit you can receive for each family you refer to St. Mary’s. Please have them mention your name at the time of registration. The credit will be awarded to your account in December if referred families are in good tuition standing.


MLK Jr. Holiday/ Early Dismissal

There is no school in commemoration of the MLK Jr. holiday, Monday 1/17. Also, the children will be dismissed at 1 PM on Wednesday January 19th.




Mrs. Usauskas

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