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St. Mary Star of the Sea School - Principals Newsletter

September 29, 2022


Dear Families


Parish 75th Anniversary

Next December, 2023, St. Mary Star of the Sea will be celebrating 75 years as a parish. We are in the early planning and brain storming stages of preparing the celebrations. Everyone is invited to come to the next meeting, Tuesday October 11th at 7 PM in Duggan Hall. The meeting is in Spanish and English. We need your help to make this a fun and blessed event. All are welcome! Bring a friend.


Pet Blessing

St. Francis of Assisi’s feast day is next week. In honor of his love for God’s creatures, there will be a pet blessing this Sunday, the 2nd at 3PM. Please come to the grotto – rain or shine! All pets must be least or secured in a pet carrier.


Free Internet

In this week’s green envelope, you will find a flyer from the Big Shoulders Fund informing you of free internet services for your family. The students are utilizing Google classroom and often need to use an internet accessible device at home. Please reach out to them for further information.


Used Clothing Collection

St. Mary Star of the Sea Ballet Folklorico dance troupe is collecting clean used clothing. Fall is a great time for cleaning closets and checking your child’s winter apparel as well as discarding the items you know won’t fit next spring! The group receives money for every pound that is donated. The money is used to purchase new costumes. Please drop bags off at the school office.


Important dates:

10/4 SMFA 7PM ZOOM; 10/5 All School liturgy 8:30 AM & HS Night 6:30 Duggan Hall




Mrs. Usauskas

September 22, 2022


Dear Families



Girls in grades 5-8 are to wear skirts, white polo shirts, and a vest or weskit. This are parts of the uniform. If they wish to add a sweater or fleece, this is considered an accessory – not to be worn in place of the vest. Please be sure you daughter is complying. (Grades K-4 wear jumpers) All students wishing to have a piece of clothing to help keep them warm may only wear a solid navy-blue cardigan or the school fleece. You can purchase a cardigan at Kohls, Target or Zemsky’s. They are more reasonable priced at these locations. Students wearing hoodies, Spartan wear, and so on, will be asked to remove the article of clothing and place it in their locker.


Emergency forms!!!

Mrs. Lane is still waiting for numerous emergency forms. Please, complete and submit them to the office. We are experiencing several students who need to contact their families due to illness and we are unable to reach anyone. It is heart wrenching to have a sick child and no resources from home. Please help us – help you!



The growing number of children being called in due to the flu or strep is growing. One of the remarkable side-effects of the pandemic that we learned is when the children wore masks, the incidence of the flu or strep was nearly nonexistent. If your child is coughing or experiencing a running nose, please seriously consider sending them to school with a face mask. The teachers clean with bleach throughout the day, but nothing is better than keeping the germs contained. We do not have a supply on hand of masks as we did during the height of the pandemic. We are asking families to provide their own personal protective gear.




Mrs. Usauskas

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