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Student Involvement

Student Council


Student Council is an organization that encourages and teaches students about leadership and democracy. We share students’ ideas, interest and concerns with our teachers and principal. We help raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects and helping people in need.  Student Council is educational, fun, and a rewarding opportunity for students to express their thoughts and suggestions for our school.

Moderator: Mrs. Rose Evans





Student Council Officers 2022 - 2023









St. Mary Star of the Sea School enjoys a proud tradition in its sports programs. Children of all grades are encouraged to participate no matter their current skill level. Parent volunteers serve as coaches and strive to teach young athletes the basics of the sport, improve on current skills, and most importantly build the character needed to practice good Christian sportsmanship. A variety of sports are offered - soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball to name a few. The guiding force behind the program is the St. Mary Star of the Sea Sports Association. Parental involvement in the Association, their time and dedication, owes to the success of the sports program. Parents are encouragerd to volunteer at any level to insure its continued success. Please click on the Spartans picture and follow the current happenings of the Association on Facebook.


(click HERE for Sports Physical document)


Memory Book


The Saint Mary Star of the Sea Memory Book is a collection of pictures organized to tell the tale of student life at our school. Throughout the school year, Saint Mary Star of the Sea students and staff participate in a variety of fun and exciting activities during the school day. Many of these events are captured in this photographic walk through time. Students and staff work together to create this delightful book of memories for all to enjoy!



The St. Mary's School Band offers the opportunity to gain musical knowledge to any student in grades four through eight.


Learning to play a musical instrument is a true challenge requiring a good amount of time and effort. The musical knowledge and skill gained in the St. Mary's School Band can be carried forward into high school, college, and even into a professional career. The St. Mary's School Band provides our students with the opportunity to play their instrument in an environment of teamwork, discipline, cooperation, and friendly competition. Through several public performances each year, the band serves to instill confidence and pride in a job well done.


Please contact our director, Mr. William Gula at 708.977.0227 or wgula@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org for information regarding the cost of participation and registration. Instruments offered include; Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, and Snare Drum. If you already own an instrument, please send it to the first lesson so we can inspect for proper working conditions.


If you need to obtain an instrument, rental is your best option. Rentals start at $19.00 per month and can be ordered by calling PM Music Center at 630.978.4756. Or you can order on their website www.pmmusiccenter.com. PM music will deliver the instrument and lesson book to St. Mary's, so you will never have to go to the store. If you already have an instrument, a lesson book will be needed (Yamaha Band Student - Book 1). The cost for the book is approximately $8.00, and can be purchased through PM Music Center or other music stores in the area.


Childrens Choir

St. Mary Star of the Sea Children's Choir is open to St. Mary’s students, religious education students, and parish members in grades 2-8.  Students practice once a week and sing approximately 2 masses per month.  The choir focuses on learning to view music as prayer.  Additionally students learn to read music and proper singing technique.

If your child is interested in learning more about St. Mary’s Children’s Choir, please call Ms. Giedre (Gia)  Sokas, Choir Director, at 773.767.1246.


Liturgical Song Leaders

Boy & Girl Scouts




Moderator: Mr. Salvador Hernandez; Additional Instructors: Cynthia Ramirez, Jessica DeLuna, Michaela Hernandez

Email:  bfedm@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org

Ballet folklórico - traditional Mexican folk dancing - has become a defining element of Mexican popular culture at the national and international levels. Although its history is chaotic, ballet folklórico has successfully carved itself a niche in the Mexican psyche. Ballet folklórico is not any one particular style of dance, but rather, an amalgamation reflecting the regional and ethnic diversity of Mexico. Indeed, the term encompasses all of the various traditional regional dances. Thus, the incorporation of ballet folklórico into popular culture cannot be traced to a specific event, but, rather, is the result of the converging forces of nationalism, mestizaje and indigenismo.


We will be starting our fifth year of Ballet Folklorico dance group at St. Mary Star of the Sea School this Fall and we would like to know if anyone is interested in helping shape up the program for the 2022-2023 school year.


Please let the office know if there is anyone interested in teaching (with past experience) or sending their children to classes. We have 4 parent volunteers that have danced with well-established groups in Chicago that are willing to help facilitate the group at St. Mary Star of the Sea. All registered 2022-2023 school students are welcome to participate.


follow us on:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BFEDM


Moderator: Mrs.Taina Almanza

LEGO® bricks are naturally engaging to students of all ages. When they are introduced to children they boost motivation. It’s through this active, engaged experience that LEGO blocks help your child to lay the foundation for lifelong learning. The hands-on creativity and solutions ignite children’s natural desire to explore and discover. They indirectly will learn subjects like language, math, science, technology, and engineering. The LEGO experience will help improve and developing their 21st-century skills, like problem solving, working together and communication.


The LEGO Club begins to meet in January. Our meeting schedule, (dates, time, place) is being worked on. A final schedule will be posted on this site and included in your Communication Envelope.


Moderator: Ms. Roberta Bobko

January 25, 2016, marked the 1st meeting of the all new SMS Cinematography Club.  Students learned about different types of camera and sound equipment and how they would use them to complete their annual club project - a video displaying our school and parish pride.


The 2016 group was led by 8th graders Alejandro Mora, Stephan Cavallos, and Hans DelValle and supervised by Ms. Bobko. So please come join us in the new school year, learn about cinematography, have fun, and  see what develops!


Moderators: Mrs. Taina Almanza

"If you want to run fast, go alone; If you want to run far, go with others.”... author unknown




The primary purpose of the St. Mary Star of the Sea Running Club is to have fun! We meet most Wednesdays from September through early November. Meeting times and length of sessions may vary. A final calendar will be posted on this site and included in your Communication Envelope. The club provides an avenue for exercise, casual competion, social interaction, and improvement of ones running skills. To many it also serves as a way to prepare for the annual Turkey Trot in November.


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