6424 South Kenneth Avenue Chicago Illinois 60629 Phone 773.767.6160 Fax 773.767.7077 office@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org Office Hours: 7:30AM-3:30PM (and by appointment) Extended Day: 6:45AM-7:45AM and 3:00PM-6:00PM
6424 South Kenneth Avenue Chicago Illinois 60629Phone 773.767.6160   Fax 773.767.7077office@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org Office Hours: 7:30AM-3:30PM (and by appointment)Extended Day: 6:45AM-7:45AM and 3:00PM-6:00PM

Mailing Addresses

St. Mary Star of the Sea School

6424 South Kenneth Avenue

Chicago, Illinois   60629

Phone: 773.767.6160

Fax: 773.767.7077

St. Mary Star of the Sea Church

6435 South Kilbourn Avenue

Chicago, Illinois   60629

Phone: 773.767.1246

Fax: 773.735.3894

Faculty and Staff

Pastor - Rectory

   Reverend Roger Corrales-Diaz   


Principal - School Office

   Mrs. Candice M. Usauskas    cusauskas@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


Administrative Assistant

   Ms. Rita Lane                          office@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


Family & Community Liason

   Mrs. Michaela Hernandez       office1@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


Extended Day Care - McGuire Hall

   Mrs. Maria Coleman              mcoleman@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


Pre School - M106

   Ms. Elena Russo                   erusso@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


 Pre School Aid

   Ms. Maria Alvarez   


Kindergarten - M103

   Mrs. Laura Gersch                lgersch@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


1st Grade - M108

   Ms. Christine Trovato            ctrovato@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


2nd Grade - M111

   Ms. Aida Pabello                   apabello@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


3rd Grade - M202

   Mrs. Heather Rushton          hrushton@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


4th Grade - M204

   Ms. Ja Nice Patrick              jpatrick@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


5th Grade - M206


6th Grade - M211

   Mrs. Jennifer  Jurasits         jjurasits@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


7th Grade - M208

   Mr. Andrew Brehm               abrehm@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


8th Grade - M209

   Mrs. Rose Evans                revans@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


Band - Band Room

   Mr. William Gula                 wgula@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


Computer - M203

   Mr. C. Goodman                 cgoodman@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


Library - Library

   Mrs. Maria Coleman           mcoleman@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org



   Mr. Fred Jackson                fjackson@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


Physical Education - M104

   Mrs. Renee Bigeck             rbigeck@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


Title I - M205

   Mr. Albert Curtis                  acurtis@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


Gereral Inquiries                  office@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org


Website Questions              webmaster@stmarystaroftheseaschool.org




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